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Intellectual Property (IP) For Businesses And Creative People

As a producer of creative works or a business person, you may often encounter situations in which you need to protect IP or avoid infringing on that of others. At Kline Preston Law Group in Nashville, clients near and far find the insights and directions that they need to put ideas to work for profitability.

Attorney Kline Preston has almost thirty years of experience practicing law in a wide range of practice areas in domestic and international contexts. IP-related needs come up in many aspects of business, such as for importing goods. Kline Preston is available to help you steer clear of trouble and/or prepare to sell products and services at home or abroad with IP protections intact on any side of a business deal.

IP Services Offered

Turn to Kline Preston Law Group for tailored assistance with:

  • Copyrights
  • Resolution of copyright infringement offenses or allegations
  • Copyright and trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Application renewals for the ongoing protected status of IP
  • IP licensing
  • The transfer of IP in connection with the purchase or sale of business assets

Despite your best efforts at protecting your ideas and respecting others’ ownership of their creative work, IP disputes may arise as many other individuals and businesses have experienced. Attorney Kline Preston has ample experience in IP-related litigation. He can help you devise the most secure and cost-effective way to protect your IP or defend yourself when challenged by other individuals and businesses.

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