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An Established Nashville Business Law Firm With International Reach

Kline Preston Law Group in Nashville, Tennessee, provides expansive, proven legal services to individuals and businesses near and far. From copyright and trademark infringement actions to shareholder disputes to breach of contract actions, attorney Kline Preston has successfully represented clients in these and many other areas of law.

Kline Preston Law Group started in 1995 as the law practice of George Kline Preston, IV. For almost thirty years, Kline Preston has represented clients in state and federal courts throughout Tennessee and in state and federal courts around the nation, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the United Kingdom and Cuba.

Diverse Practice Areas For A Wide Spectrum Of Clients

Business law is the primary focus of the practice at Kline Preston Law Group. This includes criminal and civil areas of business. Attorney Kline Preston has successfully represented clients in such diverse matters as first-degree murder cases, derivative suits and contract disputes. The broad, unique experience that Kline Preston has earned over almost three decades of law practice is an advantage for his clients.

In the words of attorney Kline Preston, “I love being a lawyer and I love practicing law. I have practiced law for over 28 years and I have enjoyed representing clients in countries all over the world. The practice of law allows me to combine my background in sports with my interest in diverse subjects such as history, linguistics, physics, art and psychology. The practice of law is a competition, particularly in an adversarial system such as ours. I have had the honor and privilege of representing people in such diverse matters as those accused of murder as well as acting as a foreign legal election observer in elections in Russia as part of my law practice. Regardless of whom I represent, my clients are always right!”

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