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Attorney George Kline Preston, IV, is a trial attorney with the high level of experience necessary for solving sophisticated U.S. and international business law disputes. Drawing from a vast breadth of knowledge, he offers expansive legal advocacy and litigation for businesses and individuals.

With an eye toward a national and international reach, he is well-versed in resolving intellectual property, real estate, employment law and other intricate legal problems for a range of businesses which include emerging technology, sports, entertainment, import-export and hunting, among others.

Mr. Preston can also assist you with addressing regulatory agency violations such as those under the Lacey Act.

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A Business Litigation Attorney With Intelligent Solutions And Aggressive Strategies

Business litigation requires an experienced attorney and a creative thinker. The legal system is an adversarial one that requires preparation, planning, and an ultimate contest or trial – just like a baseball game – against an opponent. As with any sport, experience is paramount.

In his almost three decades of practicing law, attorney Kline Preston has tried more than 50 jury trials to verdict and many more bench trials. These trials have included first-degree murder cases, drug cases, land disputes, fraud cases, breach of contract cases, and shareholder disputes, among others. He enjoys litigation because it is analogous to a sport.

While he does not guarantee the outcome of your legal problem – no attorney can – Mr. Preston has a solid reputation for his intelligent solutions and aggressive strategies in assisting his clients successfully achieve their goals.

Lacey Act Violations Can Be Confusing Without A Business Law Attorney

If you are facing allegations of having violated the Lacey Act, you will likely need a lawyer in your corner to protect you. The Lacey Act was originally established to limit hunting, trafficking, and selling certain types of protected fish, plants or wildlife. “Plant life” includes certain types of woods or timber. If your business is a furniture import business, for example, compliance with the Lacey Act is critical to the success of your business.

Do not ignore a notice about Lacey Act violations. The civil penalties are steep and could include criminal penalties as well as seizure of the products and property. In addition, vehicles for transporting or equipment for processing the products, such as sawmills or factories, have been subject to forfeiture under the Lacey Act.

Attorney Kline Preston has the state, federal and international business law experience you need. He can help you understand the necessary declarations, assist you with filing the right documents, and timely address your legal options if have been charged or cited for a violation of the Lacey Act.

Business Structuring And Intellectual Property Protection For Ultimate Success

Attorney Kline Preston draws from almost three decades of experience assisting clients with establishing businesses subject to local, state, and international commerce regulations and laws. Structuring or restructuring your business is key to the lifecycle of your business.

While structuring your business, you must give meticulous attention to detail when you are hiring employees. Compliance with employment regulations can help you avoid costly disputes. Attorney Preston can guide you through the process.

Fortifying and defending your intellectual property is also critical to the natural life of your business. Mr. Preston will answer your questions about state and federal copyrights and trademark protections, which are not automatic. You must apply for protection for your original concepts, and not all original marks are subject to protection from infringement. It is a complex process requiring research and registration. You will have to re-register after a certain period of time to keep your protected status.

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